SOVA Media Services
SOVA Media Services is the commercial arm of SOVA.News - an independent Russian-language online magazine about Georgia and the Caucuses.

About SOVA.News: We objectively inform, analyze, and tell stories about modern Georgia and democratic values for the Russian-speaking audience in Georgia and beyond. Our small team of dedicated professional journalists care about the development of democratic institutions in Georgia and the South Caucasus region. Find out more about here:

Why did we create SOVA Media Services? SOVA Media Services was created so we can offer high-quality advertising and media services to our partners and provide an income stream to support our independent journalism.

Why use SOVA Media Services?
By taking advantage of our advertising opportunities and other media services, not only do you get a great return on your investment, you also support free independent journalism in Georgia.
High production values
We have high production values and are completely transparent about the success of our advertising and marketing campaigns.
Reaching audience
We can help you reach audiences desirable for advertisers (we are particularly strong in 25-34 and 34-55 age groups) and help you reach niche audiences in Georgia, as well as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia.
Innovations and creative
We also act as an innovative, creative and reliable media production house for commercial clients.
Full journalism service
We can be your eyes on the ground. Our journalists can also be hired for breaking news events, elections and other coverage.
Our audience
We can provide more details upon request but here are the highlights:
A regional audience:
Georgia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.
A good gender balance
Our audience is 58% female 58% and 42% male.
Sought after demographics
Our audience comes mainly from the 25-34 followed by the 34-55 age group.
Our audience is growing:
~7000 (per day)/ (2,555,000) a year.
Our reach
Our videos:
More than 27,000 subscribers on social platforms
Around 110,000 video views a month across Facebook and YouTube
In just five years SOVA's videos have had over 1.5 million views
Our website:
370,223 views and 238,854 unique visitors a week
1,586,673 views and 1,023,660 unique visitors a month
Our clients
We previous and current clients include educational, diplomatic and other organisations that have high expectations. These include:
Eu4Georgia III Team
Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Georgia
Honorary Consulate of Kazakhstan
The Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw
What we offer advertisers:
Our high-quality journalistics products attract a young demographic desirable for advertisers. We offer a variety of services to advertisers and partners.
How will we measure success?
SOVA is completely transparent with sharing the statistics from Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics and Facebook.
Where can I advertise on SOVA.News?
[ÁMBAVI] hosted by Marta Ardashelia
What is it?
[ÁMBAVI] is a video reporting series produced by SOVA editor-in-chief Marta Ardashelia, providing analysis of that week's main news events in and around Georgia. It takes a step back to give context to current affairs using expert voices.
Where can you find it?
How many people will I reach?:
If you place your advert on [ÁMBAVI] you will reach
● ~ 13,500 in the first week (YouTube ~5500 / Facebook ~8000)
and over 50,000 in the first six months (YouTube ~7500 / Facebook ~45 000)
How long is the advert and where does it appear?
Adverts in [ÁMBAVI] are between 30 and 90 seconds long and will normally appear towards the beginning of the video.
How long is the programme?
15 to 20 minutes.
What else?
If you don't have an advert ready to go, no problem. Our creative team can help you design and create the perfect advert to fit seamlessly into our videos.

SOVA blog hosted by Khatuna Konjaria
What is it?
SOVA blog is 3 to 5-minute videos dedicated to current events in Georgia. Briefly and with humour, we express SOVA's subjective opinion on the processes in Georgian society, socio-cultural phenomena and trends in politics and economics that can affect the emotions of our audience.
Where can you find it?
How many people will I reach?:
If you place your advert on SOVA Blog you will reach
~6,000 in the first week (YouTube >2,000 / Facebook >4,000)
>9,000 in the first six months (YouTube >4,000 / Facebook >5,000)
How long is the programme?
5 to 15 minutes.
What else?
We are also considering posting to Facebook as Branded content with cross-posting access.
But that is not all...
We are happy to offer special rates if:
You want to place an advert on both SOVA Blog and [ÁMBAVI]
You want to buy more than one week in advance
You also want to hire Sova to produce your advert or create other marketing content
Affiliate marketing
What is it? Affiliate marketing is a sale being driven by referral to another source. In our case case, reviews of tested products, recommendations and product mentions in our articles. When our audience reads about your products on our website and then follows hyperlinks to your website and make a purchase, you pay us a fee.

What kind of advertisers would fit? Online retailers.

How will we measure success? Whether links from SOVA's website lead to sales on yours. Unlike digital marketing, affiliate marketing is focused solely on driving sales.

Where can you find it?
This is a new initiative for SOVA Media Services. Please contact us if you are interested so we can include you in our rollout plans.

Sponsored content
Native advertising and sponsored content
What is it? Native advertising on SOVA is professionally produced content created by our highly skilled team of journalists and designers in collaboration with our partners or clients. It could appear as an article, video or editorial. The word "native" refers to this coherence of the content with the other media that appear on the platform.

How do we do it?
We produce Native advertising in collaboration with our partners and clients so it meets your needs but also matches the tone, voice and standards that SOVA's audience expects.

Why use native advertising? Native ads help our clients to build credibility and trust with consumers, satisfying brands' long-term goals.

What if I want to create my own content? If you create your own content and would like SOVA to publish it, we can do this too but we would be able to give it the same prominence and native advertising. This would be labelled as 'Sponsored content'.

Where is it published?

  • On SOVA's home page for a minimum of three 3-5 days depending on the fee that is agreed. It would also continue to appear in the SOVA Media Services of our website labelled as "sponsored content".
  • We would consider posting the content to Facebook as Branded content and allow the client to republish and share the article depending on the content and the final agreement.
  • The material can be posted outside the SOVA platforms only with the written permission of the publisher.

Reach: An average of 5,000-15,000 in the first week.
Affiliate video interviews on SOVA
What is it? A professionally produced video interview with a client or representative produced in SOVA's publishing style and inline with our editorial policy.

Where are they published? It would be labelled as "partner material" and published on our web page, Facebook, YouTube

Professional photography and video production
What is it? SOVA's experienced photojournalists and video production team will work with you to produce the visual content that you need. We will work with you from the planning stage through to completion on projects large and small.

Where are they published? It would be labelled as "partner material" and published on the SOVA website (5 days on the main page) and SOVA's Facebook page.

Further promotion and the ability of the client to publish and share can be arranged depending on your budget. (The material can be posted outside the SOVA platforms only with the written permission of the publisher)
Commissioned articles (with further intellectual property rights)
What is it? Our team produces written, photographic and/or video material adapted to your needs. In this package, the material is transferred to the customer with intellectual property rights and full copyright for all materials without mentioning SOVA as the author.

The product can be any combination of the following:

  • An article: Up to 1500 words
  • Photography: Our standard package is for 15 photos with original files and copyright but we can adjust to your needs
  • Videos: Length and production depend on your budget and needs.

Video production
What is it? Commercial video filming at the request of the client.

The service includes:

  • Script development
  • Organization and implementation of shooting
  • Voice acting
  • Editing
Further marketing of the product if necessary
What does it look like?
Video material ordered by the client with further intellectual property rights
What is it? If you are a media representative or blogger and you need to film or record an interview, important events (elections, rallies etc.) in Georgia. We are ready to be your eyes on the ground. The source material with intellectual property rights can be sent and exchanged anywhere in the world.

Our previous clients include media in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
PR: Press release writing and distribution
What is it? We can assist you in the writing and distribution of press releases.

How? We send press releases of up to 800 words to our database of Georgian media houses, journalists and media professionals.

Which languages? We can provide this service is Georgian, English and Russian.
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